Preventing gender based violence in public spaces: from knowledge to action towards change : Tunisia

Field surveys conducted in four university institutions in the city of Sousse during the period April-September 2018.

It addresses the social representations of the university space, as well as the perceptions and lived experiences relating to violence : political violence, sexual harassment, victims’ feelings, stigmatizing attitudes and behaviors, women as objects of morality, the avatars of sexism and the representations of violence in relation to gender challenges and social relations among teachers, students, and administrative staff.

Based on the data collected and in light of the questions raised by the present study, this section involves three stages: First, representations of universities, public spaces, and GBV; second, everyday experiences and stories on GBV; and finally, social actors’ attitudes and reactions to GBV in universities.

The report of the field study concludes with proposals and recommendations by relevant actors to combat GBV. The section devoted to the empirical analysis of GBV in universities has yielded the following key findings…

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