Women voices of reason to counter Violent Extremism in Tunisia (2018)

The Center for Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) is concerned with the issue of combating violent extremism as part of its strategy to reduce the gender gap between women and men and to activate the role of women as active citizens in the public and private spheres.

In this context, the Center seeks to shed light on this phenomenon, its obvious and latent causes, its psychological and social effects, and to find possible solutions and mechanisms to reduce them and thus develop a set of recommandations that will be directed to decision-makers as partners.

To further explore these issues, CAWTAR worked with its partners in an integrated project on the role of women in addressing violent extremism.

« The Voices of Wisdom for Women to Combat Violent Extremism » the project highlights the role of women in combating violent extremism, urging decision-makers to increase attention to the importance of incorporating a gender perspective to address and respond to violent extremism so that policy responses are more effective.

To address radicalization and de-radicalization processes—and hence to make policy responses more effective great attention has to be paid to the impact of gender on roles and relationships between men and women in society.

Gender approach is a critical entry point for engaging communities in dealing with and preventing violent extremism.

The first regional workshop was held on 20-21 December 2016, which was attended by more than 80 participants and representatives of civil society organizations from the entire territory of the Republic, government institutions and international organizations.

The objectives of the workshop were to highlight the role of women and youth in preventing and combating violent extremism, and present the available Mechanisms.

During this regional workshop, papers were presented on the phenomenon of violent extremism and the role of women in tackling this phenomenon from Tunisia and abroad.

The workshop resulted in the following:

1. Establishing a network of civil society organizations and a number of government institutions "Together against violent extremism in Tunisia".

And 2- a set of conclusions and recommendations that underpinned the three workshops that took place during 2017 and which were commended by the presentation of experiences from different countries.

In addition to the papers presented during the first workshop, the publication contains the experiences presented in the 2017 workshops.

Finally, we would like to thank the National Counterterrorism Committee, the Embassy of the United States of America and all the parties that contributed to the success of this work and the support of Voices of Wisdom for Women to Combat Violent Extremism.

We would also like to thank the associations that accompanied

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