Sousse, Tunisia, 24 November 2017

CAWTAR organized the Regional workshop on women justice professionals convened, 24th - 25th of November 2017 in Sousse.

The Tunisian Minister of Woman, Family and Childhood Mrs Naziha Laabidi and Mrs Ines Mekkawi, Head of Women, Family & Childhood Department for the Arab League ensured the opening session with Dr. Bouraoui, CAWTAR and Mrs Jalila Boukari IDLO. 71 participants from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.

During the first day of the regional workshop, Mrs. Rea Abada Chiongson, Senior Advisor on Gender in IDLO presented a regional overview of pathways, barriers and impact of women justice actors. Two consultants from Algeria and Lebanon presented their country papers, 2 women magistrates from Jordan and Morocco presented the situation of the women's professional participation in the justice sector in their countries. This session was chaired and facilitated by H.E. Ines Mekkawi, Head of Women, Family & Childhood Department for the Arab League. During the second session, CAWTAR with the research team presented the Pilot Study: the quantitative and qualitative study. CAWTAR presented the pilot study and the main findings and conclusions of the study to judges, lawyers and professors from outside Tunisia (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco) and from outside the Capital Tunis, (the participants were from: Ben Arous, Sfax, Sousse, Monastir, Beja, Bizerte, Gabes, Gafsa and Mahdia. 10 governorates). During the second day of the regional workshop CAWTAR and IDLO t discussed the main conclusions recommendations of the Pilot Research with the Tunisian women and men professional in the justice sector. In addition, through a stakeholder-working group CAWTAR and IDLO assessed the needs of women's professional in the justice sector to address their situation and to make their participation in giving justice more effective and visible.



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