Arabic, 09 December 2008

CAWTAR’s training package on adolescence

Based on CAWTAR’s 2nd Arab Woman development report “Arab adolescent girls: Reality and perspectives”, this training package has been developed as an intermediary resource, to be customized by trainers for working with different groups and contexts.

The package is composed of:

  • - user guide
  • - Ideas for working with adolescents
  • - annexes

This training package, adopting the rights-based approach, was designed to be complementary with other specialized training kits, as it deals with different topics related to adolescents (self image, puberty, family, school, labor, values and gender).

Different innovative techniques and tools were integrated to the package including an interactive CD rom.

The study was published in preparation for the Arab Women Develpment Report on « Arab Women and Decision – Making » to monitor the decision – making power of Tunisian Women in both the public and private sectors, starting from a fiel research that covered 17 women and men.

The study contains biographies of women who reached leadership positions in several areas.

The release received support from the World Bank and the United Nations population Fund. It was published in collaboration with the University Establishment for Studies, Publishing and Distribution “Majd”.