Arabic, 10 December 2013

Manual of references and Training on “equality and women empowerment in the Arab World from the Milinnium Development Goals MDG’s to beyond 2015

The Center Of Arab Women For Training And Research CAWTAR and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for western Asia ESCWA, published their joint Manual of references and training on “ equality and women empowerment in the Arab world; from the Millennium Development Goals MDGs to beyond 2015”. The manual was accomplished with the support of UN Women United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The Manual is the fruit of two years of labor conducted by experts from the Arab region on the question of Women’s issues. the manual has a double purpose content, as in includes a first section dedicated to set a reference frame for the subject, along with providing an evidence-based understanding of development goals from a gender perspective, equality and empowerment of women, along with culture and women stereotypes.

As for the second section, it’s basically a practical training guide designed to give an in-depth understanding of the points empathized in the first section. The intent behind the creation of this section is to provide training materials that suits the current concerns and particularities of women issues and causes in the Arab region.

The uniqueness of the manual is its updated vision toward the regional context and its emerging challenges regarding women conditions and rights. it Takes also in consideration the changes that the Arab region is currently living, such as the democratic transitions that some countries are going through, and the remodeling of the legislative frames in various countries in the region.


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