Arabic, 10 December 2008

Planning and action for the millennium goals : training manual

The training kit targets the media and civil society development organizations to improve statistical, analytical and planning knowledge of their workers in the use of the Millennium Goals. The manual comes in response to the need to build on practical experiences and questions facing development actors in the Arab countries in their dealings with the Millennium Goals, and in response to the need to develop materials available worldwide and adapt and enrich them with Arab examples and materials derived from the reality of the region.

The manual consists of 6 units including: 1) exposé on the concept of human development and 2) the Millennium Goals : how and why? The resettlement of the Millennium Goals from the global to the national as well as the development of policies and statistics, the monitoring system in the service of the Millenium Goals, the role of civil society organizations in achieving the Millennium Goals and finally an affective partnership between development organizations and the media.

The manual is the fruit of efforts of 3 institution : the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research “Cawtar”, the United nations Development Program and the Network of Arab Non-Governmental Organizations in Lebanon with the support of the United Nations Development Program.


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