Arabic, 11 December 2012

Regional Training Kit for Trainers on “Building Capacities of Service While Working on GBV Elimination”

CAWTAR has just published a training manual focusing on violence against women. Prepared by Palestinian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Tunisian and Lebanese experts, this work aims to create a reference basis for training in the subject. The manual targets several groups of professionals, such as those of listening centers, the health sector, as well as judges, journalists, police officers and various civil society actors. It includes seven modules dealing with training methods, international and regional conventions and mechanisms, definitions relating to violence, listening techniques, communication and the development of partnerships, case documentation and finally a journalistic treatment of the question of violence.

In addition, on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March8, 2009, CAWTAR published a “Poster of Posters” produced by governmental and non-governmental institutions within the context of the campaigns they have carried out for combating violence. The 110 posters collected by CAWTAR in ten Arab countries will be the subject of a catalogue which will present the experiences and initiatives in the field.


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