Arabic, 12 November 1998

Training Package for Self-Employed Women to establish and Manage Small Projects

The package is targeted toward self-employed women and toward NGOs concerned with women’s promotion.

It aims to empower women by developing their skills and capacities; to increase labor opportunities offered to women and to help raise their families incomes; to provide self-employed women with the skills necessary for establishing and managing small projects; to incorporate the gender concept in the process of identifying needs and developing loan programs for small projects; and to foster coordination actions between governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with women’s promotion.

The package comprises four modules plus a trainer manual. The modules are :

  1. Sensitization to poverty and gender issues, and the role of women small projects in development;
  2. Planning for women small projects : from needs assessment to loan programs;
  3. Developing skills for establishing and managing small projects;
  4. Role of networks in developing voluntary action for development.


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