Gender Sensitive Value Chain Analysis In Agrifood, Textiles & Garments And ICT Sectors Regional Report (2022) (english)

The report aims to “Conducive environment created for women entrepreneurship promotion and integration in business and trade markets” in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. Creating conducive environment has meant, in the first instance, to produce knowledge on business women and men from a comparative gender analysis perspective. The approach includes profiling of SMEs and mapping of key actors targeting three sectors: agriculture, light industries and services. The Gender Sensitive Value Chain Analysis/ GSVCA (approach and tools) was used to assess the equality between women and men, focusing on their participation in economic activity and their access to business and trade markets covers the six countries mentioned. The choice of areas for value chain analysis focused on three subsectors reflecting the presence of women entrepreneurs in the three respective sectors and more specifically: 1) Agri-food industries, straddling two sectors (agriculture and light industries); 2) Textiles and clothing, where both the public and private sectors can be found; and 3) Information and communication technologies, an innovative subsector of the services sector.

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