English & Arabic, 15 December 2009

Gender, Employment and the Informal Economiy : Glossary of Terms

Under the joint regional initiative between the Center for Arab Women Training and Research “CAWTAR” and the international Labor Organization – Regional Office for Arab countries on “Gender Equality and the Rights of workers in informal Economies of Arab countries. “The catalog was published after requests received by institutions that had implemented the initiative from bodies operating in the area about the need to clarify concepts related to informal work and remove confusion.

This dictionary is the first book of its kind in the Arab region and aims to stimulate debate on the multiplicity of Arabic words used to express certain concepts. It was made on the basis of the review of documents of relevant national and regional organizations by adopting tabs allowing an easy access to words and indicating sources right after the terminology.

The dictionary was published with the support of the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organizations and the International Center for Research and Development.