Adolescence is a critical period of life, in which gender representations and the repartition of roles are established.

This emerging issue, which crosscuts all aspects of development, has long been overlooked. Adolescent girls and boys constitute a significant segment of the Arab population, highlighting the importance of gaining a better understanding of this critical category in order to better support development in the region and better address the challenges and opportunities facing these young people.

CAWTAR started its programme since 2001, through the 2nd Arab Woman development Report : “Arab adolescent girl: Reality and prospects, 2003”, as well as related publications and products (Regional report, national reports, executive summaries, testimonies of adolescents, training kit, Policy oriented advocacy documents, Specialized network, multimedia CD, e-newsletter…)

With the support of UNFPA, CAWTAR has implemented a regional project 2005-2008 on Adolescence, focusing on advocacy and building capacities of intermediary workers and NGOs.

Currently, no specific project is being implemented, but Adolescents’ issues are being mainstreamed in CAWTAR’s programming, and technical support is given to partners working on the thematic.


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